UNAwheel Mini

Affordable power add-on for every wheelchair



  • 5.3Kg

    UNAwheel Mini is the lightest power add-on on the market.

  • All Wheelchair Types

    Basic and active wheelchairs may be used. If you find not compatible type - call us, we will make adapter for free.

  • 12Km Range

    Perfect ballance between battery weight and travel distance.

  • 6Km/h or 12Km/h Speed

    Indoor mode with limited 6Km/h speed

    Outdoor mode with 12Km/h speed.

  • 250W Motor

    Small, but powerful enough to drive you indoors and outdoors.

  • State-of-the-art Battery

    6.4Ah Li-ion battery (153,6Wh) compatible with air transportation.

  • 30 seconds and

    you're ready to go!

    We invented and patented the most ease-to-use connection mechanism that fits almost all basic and active wheelchairs.
    Connects in just 30 seconds with one hand!

  • Name
  • Name
  • Local service

    We work with leading service providers in each country to give you the fastest and most reliable service.

    The best way to make decision is to have a
    test drive in your local shop

    If your favorite shop doesn’t have UNAwheel yet - contact us and we will work on it.




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